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Let us explain what a football academy is, as it is not for everyone. An academy is a football development training centre to improve the all-round game for your child, from technical improvement, game play understanding to teamwork and educational development. Ultimately, it is also a lot of fun! And it is not all about winning trophies and winning games at this stage, that will come later. Premier Football Academy is raising the standards of inclusive football training, through the provision of professional skills coaching for children aged five-16.

Premier Football Academy is a development training centre and we invite you to come and try out to see if you have the potential to join our elite teams. These teams will play friendly games against other academy development teams such as Liverpool, Everton, Manchester City, and Manchester Utd plus many others. We regularly have scouts from all major clubs visiting our sessions scouting for young talent and we really encourage this as we are a development centre for exactly that – to develop your child into the player they have the potential to be, hopefully to play for Premier teams around the world.


We initially give a free trial to allow you as a parent to visit our facility to see if it is for you and your child. Please feel free to speak to a coach when you are there before or after the session to discuss what it is we do and if you have any other questions. We are all very approachable and will happily explain everything. We assess your child at that trial to see what training would be best suited to develop them as a player. This initial trial is only one session and is very difficult to fully assess the entire talent but if we do see potential we will invite you to join our academy. Once invited to join there is a cost for this at £10 per session per child billed monthly by Direct Debit in advance. 

Development doesn’t happen overnight, it can take weeks and sometimes months for muscle memory and basic understanding to stick, but when it does you will see a significant change in the way your child plays and they will have a lot of confidence on the ball. You will be an extremely proud parent! 

This development is designed to work around your existing grassroots team and is not a replacement for it. Only when your child has been trained over a period of time and is good enough will they then be invited into our elite teams. From time to time we will trial them in the elite teams to see how they get on and to give experience. These are by invite only and you will be able to watch. It will also be filmed and you will have full access to the footage.